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What's your scarf style?

One of the things I love most about the colder months is that it gives us lots of opportunities to accessorise! Specifically by adding a colourful scarf to our outfit.

Scarves are a fantastic way of completing your look and can elevate a simple top and trouser combination to something supremely chic and effortless. Scarves are also the perfect way to inject some colour right next to your face, where it’ll have the most impact!

There are several scarf style options to choose from at this time of year; here’s a round up of some of my favourites

Skinny Statement

Those who keep an eye on current trends will know that skinny scarves, worn looped once around the neck then allowed to fall simply either side, are the look of the moment! Dramatics, Creatives and Romantics may all want to give this a try. It’s a fabulous look if you have a beautiful long neck and works particularly well when worn with v-neck tops and blouses.

Here are some around in the shops at the moment.

Accessorize, Chevron Sequin Scarf, £15

Topshop, PJ Motif Skinny Scarf, £20

Zara, Animal Print Skinny Scarf, £7.99

Net-a-porter, Chan Luu embellished chiffon scarf, £55

Jaeger, Silk Skinny Scarf, £55

Net-a-porter, Gucci Fringe Printed silk-twill scarf, £235. Why does Gucci always make the most divine 'beyond budget" things!?

Blanket Cover

Large blanket scarves in medium-weight materials have been around for several seasons now. They’re extremely versatile with a variety of ways in which they can be worn, meaning you can achieve lots of different looks with just one scarf. Many come in geometric and check designs with a variety of colours and, because of their medium-weight material, they can often be left on even when you’ve taken your coat off (perfect if you work in a chilly office!)

I have a couple of Malene Birger scarves and they are lovely. Here is what is available now.

Malene Birger, Tessina Scarf, £115. This one is Indigo, but also available in Peachy and Black

J Crew, Refined Silk Cashmere wrap, £78. Available in several colours including Cabernet, Snow, Navy and Black

Massimo Dutti, Two Tone Scarf, £44.95

Also availalbe in pink.

Again Massimo Dutti, Paisley Print Wool Foulard, £44.95

or Zara, Blended Scarf, £15.99

Chic Handkerchief

A simple silk neck handkerchief, tied closely to the neck, is a timeless look. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and go for a floral or paisley print with a myriad of colours in to lift your outfit.

Jigsaw usually has some lovely scarves. Here is a beautiful silk scarf depicting the hands of artist Georgia O'Keeffe. Sam Kerr Scarf, £98

Or from Massimo Dutti, 100% silk geometric motif Foulard, £44.95

The Outnet has a great selection of discounted scarves.

Roberto Cavalli, Garden printed Silk Scarf, £85 was £170

Also available in midnight blue

Snuggly Snood

Those of you who have a Natural style personality will want a scarf that is functional as well as looking good, so a chunky snood (a continuous loop of fabric that you simply wrap loosely around your neck once or twice) is a great choice. If you’re petite in scale make sure you don’t go overboard as you may appear to be swamped if your snood is too big! If your Winter coat is in one of the neutral colours from your palette then have fun by adding a snood in one of your accent colours to brighten up those cold, grey days.

Chunky Cowl Hood, Etsy, £116

Or try Accessorize

Harper Brushed Wool Blend Fairisle Snood, £22

Scarf Tying

There are so many ways to tie a scarf. If you need inspirtation, I love this You Tube video

Other places for scarves would be Pazuki, Hermes, or Age of Reason amongst others.


Whichever scarf style you opt for this Autumn/Winter remember; it is vital that you choose one in one of your colours! Colour worn next to our face has the biggest impact, so its important to get it right!

If you’re not sure what your colour palette is get in touch with me and book your colour consultation.

Happy Shopping


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