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"Wow, wow WOW. I loved the 2 sessions with Jo (colour one and style one). 

The knowledge gathered made me see more clearly how I should dress. Have I told you how shopping has changed after? I now go to stores completely focused, knowing exactly what I should bother trying on. Never have I ever imagined that details such as length of hems, frills or pocket position can influence the overall perception of the silhouette so dramatically.

Learning about style and starting to really build one is making me feel "more of a woman". 

Thank you Jo!"

Silvia Feb 2019

Jo is fantastic! I had my colours done a few years ago but wanted a style and wardrobe revamp. Jo made me feel very at ease and we did a long overdue wardrobe overhaul which was brilliant. She then highlighted the gaps and emailed me with a few items she'd seen when she'd been out shopping which was really helpful. I still have a way to go so I'd love to go shopping with her and hopefully some of her style will rub off on me! Thank you for your help Jo!


I’d fallen into the habit of wearing a lot of black/grey/white and felt my wardrobe needed a boost of something more colourful.  Thanks to a highly enjoyable consultation with the lovely Jo, I now know which colours suit me best so I’ll have the confidence to branch out from the monochrome.  

Karen, Feb 2019

"Jo immediately put me at ease by asking me about the colours I usually was interesting as it made me realise how very neutral my clothes generally are!  She then worked out my colouring and I could really see in the mirror how some colours looked better than others.  I picked up some good make up tips and now have an invaluable folder of all the colours that suit me best.  Jo was sensitive and gentle in her approach but confident and inspiring with her suggestions.  It has made me excited about going shopping and being more adventurous.  I could not recommend the experience more highly...very well priced for 1 ½ hours of brilliant advice. " 

Kate, Acton. 

"My first colour me beautiful experience was when I was a brunette in 1992!. My hair colour has changed to a fashionable ‘grey’ and my skin colour changed too. With Jo’s expertise, I am delighted to discover I am now a Cool, Clear and Deep. I love the gorgeous pinks and blues. I have cleared out my wardrobe keeping only those clothes in my new colours. The wonderful bonus is I can easily buy my replacement lipsticks and makeup from Jo.

Thanks Jo, I loved my fun voyage of discovery with you, a real treat. I am getting flattering comments on my new look already, and am feeling even more confident. Amazing.’   Jan, Richmond

So lovely to meet you, and thank you for such a fantastic consultation. It was a real treat and I feel inspired to try different colours and combinations. I even found while I was out shopping yesterday that I was disregarding my traditional go-to black and whites in favour of softer, more muted tones. The wallet will be a permanent fixture in my handbag now. I got so many compliments on Saturday about my makeup too! Thanks again, a really eye opening experience.


We really enjoyed our personal shopping experience today!  Thank you so much for your inspiration.  I think that my daughter will have much more confidence in finding clothes that really suit her in future too.  We bought nearly everything including the leather jacket. You were great at being completely in touch with styles appropriate for her age.  What a great day!


"Thanks so much for a really insightful colour session. You helped me discover that colours I usually ignore actually suit me the best and I am really looking forward to changing what's in my wardrobe over time. I ventured out to the shops afterwards and found it quite refreshing to look at a rack of clothes and say "nothing there for me - move on"! Now that I can focus on what works for me,  I envisage saving a lot of time, effort and money - and I will be back for some personal shopping help to develop my new wardrobe. I really appreciated your kind and gentle approach, and great suggestions - thanks Jo!"


I had a great session with Jo - finding out about what colours and styles suit me was something of a revelation and I'm looking forward to putting her advice into practice! Jo has a really encouraging and friendly approach, which put me at ease and made me feel a lot more confident by the end of our time together. I came away with lots of practical tips and really appreciated that she took the time after the appointment to send me some more suggestions on outfits. She also looked into ethical brands as that's important to me, and she quickly found out the answers to questions I had about the ingredients in the make up. I really felt she went the extra mile and would recommend her to anyone who wants to have a bit of a wardrobe refresh! Thanks again Jo!


I recently spent a lovely few hours with Jo for a makeup and style consultation. Jo was very professional, gave expert advice and also was sensitive to my own preferences. I came away with lots of new ideas and recommendations. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her :).  


"I wasn't sure what to expect from a colour consultation except that I had probably been getting it all wrong!  Jo made me feel very relaxed and explained why some colours suited me better than others and showed me how some highlighted my face and others drained me.  I've come away with a book of my colours that will live in my handbag, a useful memory aid of what suits.  I'm warm, deep and soft apparently - how gorgeous!"  

Mrs M, Chiswick

I went to Jo for a full image consultation which involved colours, make up, looking at body shape and style personality.  Jo immediately put me at ease. The session was informative and inspiring, as well as really enjoyable and good fun! 


Jo combined gentleness with clear and direct feedback about what worked for me.  She didn’t try to box me into expected patterns but listened and went with what I said. For instance, I had a mix of three style personalities!  Jo didn’t try to make me narrow it down to one but made sure she understood how the three came together and worked with that.


The session has increased my confidence and boldness about colour, style and shape of clothes.  And about wearing makeup. I have saved money because I’m more targeted about what I buy and clearer about how to make the most of my existing wardrobe. 


I had a very special occasion coming up after the session and Jo was incredibly helpful and generous, sending me links to possible dresses. I ended up getting one she found which I would never have come across and was absolutely perfect. 




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