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Shake up your Make up

There are so many fashion trends to write about that I couldn't decide which to choose. Velvet, animal print, boots, loafers... the list goes on.

So instead I thought it may be useful to some for me to write a bit about make up, in particular, make up as we age. So many people have said to me that they haven't got a clue how to apply make up or that they haven't changed how they have done it since they were 16. Well, if you apply make up the wrong way it can actually make you look older. Crikey! None of us want that!

We all want to look fresh faced and young and we need to make sure that our make up style evolves and adapts as our skin ages


If you don't use foundation, you skin tone will likely be uneven. If you apply it too heavily it is liable to settle in fine lines and creases which will highlight your imperfections. Use a formula that is heavy enough to smooth out your complexion without becoming cakey. Drier skin is common as you age, so you may be happier with a liquid or cream foundation, or even a tinted moisturiser, instead of a powder foundation which can make your skin look flaky. Finally, even if you've been using the same shade for years, you may want to try other shades now as your skin tone may have changed.


Blusher applied in the wrong colour or in the wrong place can look very ageing and old fashioned. Using too much blush can make you look clownish, and putting it in the wrong place can drag the face down. It is best to use a blusher that complements your natural blush tone and apply from the apples of your cheeks sweep up and along the cheek bones to the temples using a big blusher brush. Applied correctly, it can be a gorgeous finishing touch a full make up, and it can brighten up your whole face.


Eyeliner can be used to accentuate your eyes, but applying too much can make your eyes look smaller and if only put on the lower lid it can drag your whole face down. Applied correctly it can open up and brighten your eyes. Use a soft pencil and keep the line as close to the lashes as possible and go easy on the lower lid. Start at the outer corner and work your way in.


Sometimes the wrong concealer can actually highlight the problem rather than hide it. Using the same concealer for blemishes and for under eyes is not always the best option, as it is likely to be too heavy for the area under the eyes. Use a lightweight formulation for under-eye use, and pick a shade that matches your skin tone. If you have purplish circles, you can get a colour with a yellow or peach undertone to counteract it.


This is an amazing product that I sell that has four different colours to correct colour imperfections. The blue for redness, the pink if your skin is a bit sallow, the yellow for dark circles and the last one to conceal spots.



Eyebrows frame the face, but as we get older they can become thinner and more whispy. So it is important to fill in your eyebrows with a pencil However, tracing heavy lines on your entire brow shape can make it harder to blend and soften them, which means you'll most likely end up with an unnatural shape and brows that don't match your hair colour at all. I use a blonde coloured pencil on most people and just use small, feathery brush strokes. The brow may be extended beyond the natural length of the eyebrow. Build the colour gently.


I always apply an eye base on my clients before I put on an eyeshadow. This prevents the eyeshadow from creasing. As we get older, wrinkles and fine lines appear on our eyelids and eyeshadows can settle in the creases drawing more attention to them. This happens more with metallic eyeshadows. By using an eye base and matte eyeshadows the unattractive crepe-like appearance can be minimised.


Our lips naturally get thinner as we get older, so it is best to ease away from darker lipsticks which can accentuate this. I would usually line the lips with a natural coloured lip pencil and then use the same pencil to colour the lips in. (This means there is always some colour on the lips even when the lipstick comes off.) I would then use a lip gloss or lipstick in a colour that is right. A gloss can give a brighter, more youthful look.

Too much make up

Don't forget that too much make up can be very ageing. So go gently, build it up slowly and you will look amazing.

Did you know that, according to statistics, women who wear make up earn more money! So, let's get applying the make up correctly and look brighter and more youthful, AND earn more money. We have nothing to lose.

If you are still unsure what to do, why not give me a call. I can do individual make up lessons, or group workshops. You know you are worth it.


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